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Lori Wright

Daycare Director

Lori grew up in the small town of Ronceverte, WV. She lived there with her parents, two brothers, and a sister until she was eight. They moved to Roanoke in 1983 and she has lived here ever since.

Since Kindergarten, she was enrolled in a Christian school where she graduated in 1993. It was the influence of this Christian education that has given her the vision to continue pursuing the development of Lakeside Daycare and Preschool. From personal experience, she knows the importance of Christian education and how that will give a student the foundation they need to be effective in society today.

Following high school, she attended college and graduated in 1997 from Roanoke College with a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in education. Lori has served as Daycare director since June 2009.

"As I continue my role at Lakeside, I look forward to continued growth and expansion both of our preschool and daycare, but also the kingdom of God. It is exciting to see how God has worked in so many of our students' lives and families. It has been a privilege and honor to be able to serve as director at Lakeside and I look forward to many more years of service."


Tammy Brammer

Office Manager

Tammy has been married to her husband Mike for 40 years. They have one son, Matt, and two daughters, Jamie and Kasey. She has been on staff since 2005. As the office manager, she seeks to honor Christ as she serves the Pastors and members of Lakeside. After serving 25 years in children and youth ministries, her passion today is helping younger ladies as they grow in their relationship with God and their families. She enjoys reading, working in her garden, and any time that she spends with her grandchildren, Caroline, Will, Nora, Madocks, and Reagan.


Mandy Torian

Administrative Assistant to Daycare Director

Mandy has been on staff for 24 years and has served in many ministries. She has been married to her husband Jeff for 19 years and had one daughter and one son.


Brenda Hugget

Administrative Assistant

Brenda has attended Lakeside Baptist Church for 20 years with her husband Russell and their two sons, Gavin and Wesley. Russell and Brenda currently enjoy being LifeGroup shepherds. She also enjoys nature hikes through God's great Virginia mountains.

As Lakeside seeks to "connect people to Christ, His Church, and the Community,"  God has put together a great team of servants who believe and practice disciple-making.  Each of our staff faithfully serve in their jobs, as well as faithfully serve in ministry positions at Lakeside.  God has also raised up a team of great people to direct the ministries that train the next generation of healthy disciple-makers.

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