Leading lives

         that honor God.




Every Sunday, we meet together as a church family to celebrate Jesus Christ.  We celebrate what He has done in our lives individually, in the lives of our family, in our church, and in our community.


The overall goal of the Worship Ministry at Lakeside Baptist Church is to provide a Christ-centered worship experience that is accessible to people of any background. We do this by using the Scriptures to drive our worship, and by successfully blending contemporary Christian music, hymns, praise choruses, drama, and personal testimonies during the service.

Leading lives that honor God.

We strive to train our members as to what worship looks like and how to truly worship in their family, individually, and when we meet together as a church family.


We also train our current worship ministry team members in small group settings through Sunday School, rehearsal time, and training conferences.


It is also our goal to train and develop new musicians and worship leaders by adding additional members to current ensembles, by creating new music groups (as needed), and by establishing feeder programs within Youth and Children’s ministry.

Leading lives that honor God.



Praise team is a vital part of our weekly Worship Service.  It is a 52 week commitment.  As a member of the Praise Team you may be asked to participate in Worship Choir for special events like holidays or special services.  Auditions will be held in order to fill positions as they are needed. 


Praise Team includes vocalists (S, A, T), percussionists, guitarists (bass, acoustic, electric), keyboard players, and wind instruments.



Adoration is a vocal ensemble that sings regularly for special events and occassions.  The group rehearses every Wednesday.  Members of the group may be asked to sing in the Worship Choir during special events. Auditions are held to add new members when they are needed.



Worship Choir will ministers at special events like holidays and special services.  There is no audition required to participate in Worship Choir and it is open to the entire church.  Rehearsal schedule is based on the upcoming special event.  Members who agree to participate in worship choir are expected to commit to each rehearsal.  


Worship Choir is for teens (middle school & high school age) and adults.

Leading lives that honor God.



This team serves to share the gospel clearly and widely utilizing today's technology. The production team works mostly "behind the scenes."  They set up and operate the sound board, lighting (as needed), Pro Presenter, video cameras (as needed), and recording equipment. Their responsibilities would also include video recording and providing support for almost all of the creative elements involved in special events. 


If you have a heart for out-of-sight, high-impact ministry, we have a spot for you!



This group will provide a foundation for all drama and creative presentations.  The drama team will be the primary performing group; however, large scale productions will require additional cast.  Members of the team may perform solo monologues, duet scenes or skits with a varied cast size.  This team can be used in many different ways including but not limited to sermon illustrations, event promotion, song intros, interpretive movement, full scale musicals, dinner theater, or similar events. 


All ages are encouraged to participate.