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As Lakeside seeks to "develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ,"  there are 4 building blocks that we see in Scripture and have designed to work together in building up the believer.  Matthew 28:20 says "teaching them to observe all things that i have commanded you."  First, we cannot observe, or obey, what we do not know.  Secondly, we are not just to gain information, but live it out.  And how we live out what we are learning and understanding is done through community.

"LifeGroups" is the discipling arm of Lakeside in helping people move the information they are learning (from Sunday School, personal devotions, radio sermons, Bible study, etc.) from the head, through understanding of the heart, and helping them walk it out in daily life.


Serving God by serving one another is a consistent thread throughout the New Testament for Christians.  We offer different types of serving opportunities, such as caring for babies, teaching Bible study classes, and investing in children's lives.

Connect Groups aim to connect people with God's Word and each other. Various studies are offered through our adult Connect Groups throughout the year.

Worship is something we can do all day, every day with our actions, words, and deeds; but we gather as the local body of believers for corporate worship each week.  Worship services are necessary for a healthy Christian life.

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